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constructus corporation – hot water lyrics


[verse 1: watkin tudor jones]
h-llo, it’s the head-honcho’s psychic side-kick, flipping his tongue like you like it
nice and distinguished ? i’m such a cunning linguist
the little b-tterfly dancing around on the flower
receives special mystic powers and transforms into an entirely different creature
with exaggerated features ? you taste like peaches
d-mn it, i can’t get enough of this stuff
sweetheart, i’d like to take this opportunity to show you what you do to me
i’m vibrating all beautifully and it’s so cool to be
tuned into the same radio station as you
this gorgeous situation’s got me feeling all brand new
and mm, well i’d like to show you something very wonderful
so if you don’t mind i’m about to slip into something a little more comfortable

i like my hot water-bottle
it keeps me warm at night

i like my hot water-bottle
it keeps me warm at night

[verse 2]
i dig the fact that i don’t need to b-tch about sh-t when i flip
i kind of like to process stuff in private
you might’ve accidentally begun to lose track a bit
that’s why i’m designed to shine if you catch my drift
that’s me in the distance twinkling
i’m in a different department to anyone you think i’m in
i’m quicker than these little silly billy’s spitting venom
i got him, i got him … no you didn’t get him
these hot-shots taking pot-shots soon see
that i’m actually just one big soft-spot, why you wanna shoot me
i go from a to b like one, two, three
not one, three, two hey man i can’t see you
underneath all that cr-p, shoot it must be hot in there
the only reason i’m here is cos i breathe so much air
if i stop breathing i’ll just like disappear
like ploop