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conway the machine – cooked in hell’s kitchen lyrics


look, machine b-tch i don’t back down, check my background
spray your trap down, fill a n-gg- back with mac rounds
strapped down with the black pound
the serial number scratched down
i could have the k!llers on attack now
pull the mask down, five goons
two at the front, three at the back now
i don’t listen to these new n-gg-s that rap now
i was out wildin’ with a mac
you was with yo’ girl listenin’ to mack wilds
f-ck these n-gg-s and they rap styles
i murder n-gg-s with this ink, sh-t’ll get ugly, n-gg-, black child
my dog blew his last trial then got sat down
20 flat in the max, he on his way back now
gas plug in cali’, i just gotta get a pack now
send it in the mail, we made it? i can relax now
and let the racks pile
my youngin domed a n-gg-, right up close, i saw him crack a smile
i was in that ghost, hatin’ n-gg-s saw me stuntin’
they was lookin’ like a ghost is what they saw or somethin’
shotty tearin’ limbs off like i’m sawin’ somethin’
big gun was lookin’ like i’m playin’ a guitar or somethin’
this n-gg- talkin’ like he offin’ somethin’
i’m like you talkin’ to a g like you don’t respect your jaw or somethin’
the nike kanye tan, he whippin’ eight yams
the cook smoke, he whipped this sh-t for eight grams
forty in the waistband
p-ssy n-gg- i ain’t playin’
no, we ain’t playin’
wait, you got hit
that was somethin’ you ain’t plan
now you need an escape plan
wait, i know he snake, we don’t shake hands
he got his face blammed
then i went to ruth’s chris and ate lamb
chopper make a f-ck n-gg- break dance
sh-lls got caught in the slide and made the k jam