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coolzey – keef lyrics



so what’s your pleasure, hops?
let me dig around in my treasure box
battling me is like drinking clorox with small pox
call off your dog ‘cus he’s barking up the wrong tree
yeah i make all types of music and it all rocks

so welcome to the cutting room
end up on the floor with that out of focus bullshit i’m trying to ignore

i’m trying to explore all types of realms
and when it comes to movies
i’m watching all types of films

cataclysmic, psychedelic, retroactive
smack a sucka in face with my adlibs

sad little kid left crying in the corner
with their thumbs up they -sses like little jack (warner?)

adorn a house with a reef made of reefer
then i come to drive a (benz?) like my man ben (keefer?)

who’s wiz khalifa? i never heard one joint
how much more work i gotta do before the fun point?

the gun points at anyone who sets foot on my property
the morning after, “how you feel son?” awfully

unlawfully is how i choose to make loot
‘cus the b-tch white devil motherf-ckers got monopoly

blocking up the grid like traffic
come up to the mic if you’d like to get your -ss kicked
‘cus here’s some shit i wrote real quick
y’all b-tches sucking on plastic, why don’t you suck a real d-ck?

‘cus i’m a real hit from the country
you couldn’t find my pack even if you learned to hunt, g

and oh yeah, and all you grungy, crunchy
granola eating hippies need to stay out of my lunch, see?

i’m not trying to eat some tofu
and i hate a motherf-cker trying to act like they know you
matter of fact, i’m crazy nice
you wanna take my advice, get the f-ck off the mic

[jarrett mitch-ll]

i wanna tell the world today that everything is f-cking maybe not okay
you wanna take your money or tax dollar on a vacay?
well i wanna tell you about the way the waco burned
and two way firms
and who set and burned with the money you earned
tax dollars gonna pay, okay?


i conjure images and kids that’s suggestible
ask me if i’m drinking, i’ll say i had just a few

if you just a new kid trying to hit the midwest
take it slow, we don’t like your big city attitude
it’s hard to stay mad at you, you’re so cute
like a six year old walking to school in his snow boots

don’t worry son, you’re rhymes will improve dramatically
i’m dropping jewels for you, how come you getting mad at me?

emphatically is how i pronounce a spell
that sends a motherf-cking demon flying screaming back to h-ll

so smack the bell because i’m in the ring
with my dukes up and it’s your new stuff that i’m injuring
i’m telling y’all that shit is dead
you better find another rhyme to spit instead

but that’s okay this is rehearsal
first i escape them i’m going for reversal
and now i’m going for pin
1-2-3, doctor don bring the record in
so i can proceed lace it like lingerie
yo jarret, i got no more that i wanna say

[jarrett mitch-ll]

i do yoga everyday
‘cus i’m a soldier, okay?
you wanna say it’s me versus you?
well that’s only if you’re the f-cking man in blue, baby
i am a f-cking soldier today
i do yoga everyday
everything ain’t f-cking okay
it’s only me versus you if you’re the man in blue