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coolzey – trees and dirt lyrics



it’s like that
on the front porch, blazing a torch, drinking a nightcap
might rap, might pick up the axe and start slashing
or noodling, either way you know it sounds fat

stomp, clap, kick a high hat or cowbell
with a green thumb and a brown belt

down to the end of my days i’ve got stability
given to me by the trees and the dirt

three years ago, on new years day
i ate a mushroom then walked into the woods
the trees told me something, and to this day
coolzey’s absolutely up to no good

i been learning a lot about the way of the world
i got ’em squirming a lot because the way that i curl
is steady growing exponentially

not to mention we
are buying up property, land
because we outta be
breaking up monopolies, yo

let the horns blow
remember when we used to hide the sauce in the corn rows?
one block away from the tree house
that we built with our own hands
‘cus that’s what our fathers did

four generations deep where we live
spent the whole time steady digging in the dirt
and what did we accomplish?
handling bis’ and raising the kids that is
here to save the earth

and that’s word
busting through the silence is the sound that ya heard

like a bullet from a gun
yeah we got guns
military ar’s
and glocks, son

no need to talk about it
no need to boast
i’d like to send a shout out to my people on the coast

for the haters in a pound
for the clowns who’s down
to get dirty with the green and the brown

so grab me a beer
somebody get will a whiskey
‘cus this jam is so fresh
yes my eyes are getting misty

the bacon’s getting crispy
and the coffee’s been on for an hour
get your -ss up, get in the shower

‘cus we got work to do
and that’s cool
that’s what i’m here for
there ain’t n-body ’round here to shed a tear for
except for the natives that capitalism slaughter

time to take it back
community, trees, dirt, and water cous’


[william elliott whitmore]

i see the sun coming up
over that eastern horizon
such a glorious sight for these weary eyes
after long dark loney nights
i’ll put that dirt on a biscuit
i’ll put that dirt in my tea
and when they fill that grave on the hill
they’ll put that black iowa dirt over me


there’s only one way to find out
where he keeps his hide out
we saddled up the horses
time to ride out, it was night out
p-ss the tobbacy, took a bite out
would it be a homerun base hit line ground to fly out

took a time out
busted an old rhyme
his horse pawed the ground
he took tequila and a lime out
belted one back
chewed the fruit
and felt the bite sting
drug his spurs and he aimed his knight for the fight wing

and on the way he picked up some compadres
whitmore the strangler, angle, and dark dondre
to name a few, the posse was huge
a whole lotta dudes, a whole crew
to it to death, ate a lot of food

shot a dude in reno just to watch his head spin
bite a deer’s heart and look at you with the red grin
coming to the table with the napkin tucked in
to his front collar ‘cus he heard the cook holler

and ring the triangle like “come and get it”
did you take care of business? he said
don’t sweat it
the way he said it
you just know he get deaded
probably hurt bad, shot, stabbed, and beheaded

now it’s time to celebrate
the village has a hog roast
raise up your cup
and listen up for the long toast
yeah another victory
we see through the trickery and mystery
and misery gets smoked like hickory