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corbin – promise to me lyrics


[verse 1]
halfway out the door
halfway over life
lighting up the void
doesn’t happen overnight
is there another way out?
is it possible to know?
it’s been hard to keep the faith
try not to be a ghost

tell me what you want me to be
tired crying myself to sleep
i don’t really want you to see
i just want a moment of peace
[verse 2]
it’s time to make a promise to me
i will be all that i can be
i will learn to live with myself
i will win the war with my fear
i will not be locked in my h+ll
i will not make myself bleed anymore
i will not drink from the well
i won’t bе corrupted by greed
i will not succumb to the spell
monеy is the devil it seems
can you see how far that we fell?
if only you knew what we could be