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corey gipson – 5th dimension lyrics


[corey gipson- 5th dimension]

[verse 1]
this ain’t that sh*t that you plot on a line
trying to find, find that silence in the back of your mind
find help
ask god
ask you’re mom
ask self
this is meditation
finding blocks that block wealth
this is elevation (yea)
this is my come up
rising form the ashes swinging nunchucks
looking like a dumb f*ch
legs crossed
thumbs up
mind in a different place
soul in a different space
living in a different world
where you is?
im snuggled with a blunt where the truth is
i do this
this be that new shit
open your mind way beyond space and time
and welcome to the 5th dimension

welcome to the 5th dimension (x4)

[verse 2]
its all holographic…
so i’m hear in all aspects
future and the past is clashing
straight cl-ssic
me never dreamed or seemed to be average
trained my brain to cause havoc
nah, this that sh*t that you breathe
this that real sh*t
beyond them wants and them needs
this that, that i can just be fam
me man
tell my will stronger than a he man
be that
until you be that
visualize the world that you want and you’ll see that
gone tell them relax
its all part of the plan
don’t be scared cause its part of the plan
and welcome to the 5th dimension