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corleone (uk) – daily duppy lyrics


dun know
don corleone
gb records
rest in peace [?]
alright let’s go

i could cry pages looking through my life changes
close friends turn into enemies and die strangers
all i’ve seen is blue doors and white faces
how we gonna win in a world of white racists?
down on one knee doing up my nike trainers
run around the block once and earn your mother’s life savings
rappers try fill my shoes but they can’t pull it off
now they’re all wearing suits just tell the c-nts to pull it off
they wanna be a boss but don’t wanna be the boss
when it’s crunch time the real n-gg-s see them off
shut down main roads, daytime squeezing off
ambulance and jakes arrive and seal it off
i’m in season cloth
ceo kingdom dosh
and we sell it raw, my n-gg-s don’t believe in bosh
chef your hair or harm a n-gg-, find out what the reason was
always bringing drama n-gg-, i’m the one who sees it off
but i don’t want no drama n-gg-, only wanna see the prof’
loading up the llama, n-gg-s know i had to feed the glock
i have to feed my block
runners getting kilos dropped
my young n-gg-s squeeze them opps
i told them n-gg-s read some books
black on black crime is the reason why my g’s are lost
we out here k!lling each other, my g we’re lost
why you don’t squeeze them cops that’s k!lling all our g’s on blocks?
they’re scared of the system, that’s the real reason bruv
f-ck justice, the law can’t be trusted
roley on my wrist, yellow diamonds in my cufflinks
free up all my guys that’s been busted
n-gg-s on the numbers can’t be trusted
i was rolling with the rusty, under obbo they wanna cuff me
as a little young g n-body wanna buss me
but i came up, switched the game up
don corleone, i was named by famous
top of the rap chain, ain’t n-body like me
still drip in some nikes and an off-white white tee
hop off the bike and blast it, put a snitch in the casket
i look at my life and ask why these b-tch n-gg-s ask for it