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counter productive – caustic vs marvwon lyrics


[round 1: marvwon]
i say this all started in some guy’s bas-m-nt
which in itself is weird
like what did we think battling in that man’s house was gonna do for our careers?
but he gave us a couple dollars, we took it
we got a chance to chill with our peers
then you let it slip, about how you were jealous of this luxurious -ss beard
so now we here
it’s the peculiar case of marvin and his lying friend
whoever you called to get dirt on me, you better fly ’em in
cause if you think that’s gon’ help you win one round, you better try again
this gon’ be a biblical -ss whooping, daniel, welcome to the lion’s den
i gave you your whole f-cking style
racism included
but you kinda like marvwon lite, n-gga you watered down and diluted
let me hear some extra rude sh-t, out the window goes this cool sh-t
can’t n0body in this building say “n-gga” unless i approve it
go goku’s back, but i’m only hear to speak to vegita
call me a “moolie”
i’ma do the right thing and burn down your pizzaria
you will literally have hot sauce
i’m talking en fuego prego
i’m just trying to build with this wop, n-gga those are dego legos
but now he’s in a box, you know a dead man, i’m talking “ayo”
i’ll make this a-hole smell worse then ten day old mayo
what you say bro? you thugging?
who in here done seen daniel’s goon?
right, well he sings to the cops, n-gga we all know daniel croon
what happened? i am heroin, hot sh-t, i am what’s on daniel’s spoon
i will put my animals on his head, n-gga since he wanna be daniel boone

[round 1: caustic]
i said yo
i say isn’t that sh-t cute? you coming out your face
checking your sh-t, probably got some calls about some pounds you flake
sh-t, it’s been ten f-cking years, you still sound weird and out of date
talking sh-t about my beard, you’re so f-cking fat even your beard’s outta shape
i said he don’t look like much now, but back in my days he was an o.g
i mean, i used to repeat some of what you told me
cause back then i used to think you was kobe
so i wanna give you a moment of respect, and tell you homie to homie
i learned a lot from you marv’, you’re like my obese won ken0bi
i said i could reach for his windpipe, leave him sleep with a quick swipe
i mean honestly y’all sometimes it’s hard for me to be mean to this guy
cause you look on the outside like how i feel on the inside
i mean honestly, i didn’t even wanna approach this like that
dawg, holy f-cking sh-t you’re fat
you prolly f-cking quit the match if i told you the mcrib was back
i ain’t even trying to go there and play t-t for tat
but the b-tch that took your virginity prolly try to give it back
so i don’t wanna hear sh-t about how you gon’ run up with llamas
dawg you get five steps out the car you’d be f-cking exhausted
you look like 90% of your clothes are f-cking pajamas
it looks like every time you go the gym they play f-ck up some commas
him and his old girl used to have a special vibe
until one day they got into a fight cause you tried to take the extra fries
b-tch don’t play then marv f-cking said “goodbye”
so funny how sh-t didn’t workout cause he ashamed to have an ex her size/exercise
i’ll kick the door open while you’re f-cking like, “what is y’all doing?”
any b-tch that f-cks you is beyond stupid
you’re such a large human your favorite s-x position is lay on top until she stops moving
i say, he be trying to lock b-tches down like they under arrest
sh-t is basically a life sentence of uncomfortable s-x
he’s either gonna crush her to death or she’s gonna drown in a puddle of sweat
she’s basically fighting for her life until she runs out of breath
and then he be holding his chest, hoping for the best
last time homie had some s-x he got sued by his mattress for post traumatic stress

[round 2: marvwon]
the b-tch tried to give me back my virginity huh?
that sounded like fun
the only thing that b-tch tried to give me back was my illegitimate son
i’m nice with these moves, i’ll make your head spin like a break dancer
and aspect said you gon’ see him about telling people that he got fake cancer

anytime. if he does have cancer i’m gonna win easily

why would you fight a person with cancer? who are you?

this battle sh-t is fun, you love it, it’s such fun ain’t it?
i’ve been waiting on this match up longer than a f-cking lush one payment
i’m underground, but don’t mistake me for one of them abstract writers
i will put mo’ people in yo’ crib than a team backpack cipher
this cal’ will push his brim, that’s pat stay’s hat
i made a living off of these letters, n-gga i’m pat sajak
you are not who comes to mind when i think of that bay rap
i will literally k!ll you to bring mac dre back
that’s town business
king sh-t, this crown business
who in here think caustic is it?
well n-gga you in the clown business
let’s get back to this you writing rounds business
i heard the story, i said these bars are strange but danny’s a c0ke head
are we really surprised that his lines are ‘cane/arcane?
you been mid tier your whole career
n-gga, nothing but a weak spitter
in the freshcoast history books, you are nothing but a seat filler
i heard it don’t take sh-t to hit yo’ b-tch
some reggie weed and some cheap liquor
with a coaching i heard the b-tch make b-lls magically disappear like a flee fl1cker

[round 2: caustic]
sometimes you’re kinda good marv’
i give the fat man credit
you know how i know you’re overweight?


cause you f-cking snore while you’re awake
you are going to get 3-0’d by cholesterol, no debate
and you haven’t won a battle in f-cking forever
you been in a drought longer than the f-cking golden state
y’all wanna hear how f-cking disgusting marv’ is?
he scavenges for food that others discarded
to keep it warm he keeps it tucked under his armpit
and when he gets tired his f-cking stomach doubles as an armrest

that’s not even possible. that’s not even humanly possible

try it. i double dare you

i mean y’all should be happy
you don’t get to see someone this fat often
it looks like you just had a problem with an -ssistant manager at a baskin robbins
f-cking fat, black, obnoxious
running around looking like blacktion bronson
so what it really be
out here looking like a mark henry mini me
ain’t no grilling me, i break him into three parts like a trilogy
nickle be pointed at his face like a window’s peak
b-tch you bigger than a wildebeest
that sh-t will get you fric-ssed
i can use your t-tty meat to feed a million children in the middle east
so what you wanna do tubby?
you can’t f-ck with me i’m too hungry, you too chubby
i’m six foot, 220, you six foot two of me
i mean imagine him, at the gym
trying to get his abdomen flat again
bad news buddy it ain’t f-cking happening
last time he got in my car he f-cking cracked the rims
f-cking sh-t beard to the side and cause an accident
y’all remember the bp oil spill? that was him
nah i’m bullsh-tting, you’re way too black to swim
y’all in here thinking that i’m having a friendly match with him
but what y’all don’t know is that the loser gotta buy dinner
so f-ck that sh-t i have to win

[round 3: marvwon]
during my research i saw a picture of you and your little man the other day
what? this isn’t me choking, that was me being quiet cause i had nothing nice to say
but you? you gon’ ruin him
right now see he’s prolly a dreamer
he has absolutely no idea that his papi’s a tweeker
but it’s right in front of his face, in black and white
like wally and beaver
he gon’ watch dope take his famous parent away like bobbi christina
people say caustic is fake racist
i said, “when did the facts switch?”
if he say he in love with the cocoa, it ain’t got nothing to do with a black b-tch

really? i lost my virginity to a black girl. that’s bullsh-t

we just lost j arch, we lost ph, we lost sean p
and i’m saying that to mention that danny i love you
this is not a battle, this is yo’ intervention
and i hope you know that i’m coming with the most humblest intentions
cause being a 30 year old blow head is obviously a f-cking cry for attention
whoooo! tough crowd

it’s getting a little heavy

yeah the sh-t got real. let’s get back to fat jokes

you know the deal, they pay me i show up and show out
everybody came to see this g take the win over steffani, no doubt
it’s amazing how your mother is known as a private dancer
and it’s ironic how you’re racist and on your shirt is a black panther
if you talk while i’m speaking, i got something that’ll leave you leaking
it’s crazy how they made you look like drake on the flier
but in real like you meekin’ him
it only puts me back to something when i was young that i was told
always heard that the good die young
well caustic i am living proof that the great die old
y’all n-ggas thought caustic could beat me, f-ck is you crazy dude?
i’m a detroit n-gga and i just bought them .380’s through
and the last thing he gon’ see is that d over that navy blue
like, “wigger, look at what you made me do.”

[round 3: caustic]
sometimes i don’t understand our friendship marv’
sometimes i gotta revise the strategy
i mean, i feel like we spend most of meals asking you like, “why are you mad at me?”
i mean, i tried to take the guy to applebees
and he f-cking blew up on the waitress like a chinese factory
i said i’m kinda nice dawg why fight it?
you talking about striking dawg i wouldn’t f-cking try fighting
i mean i’m too quick dawg, i’m f-cking white lightening
sh-t you said it yourself i even look like drake in the right lighting
sh-t you think i forgot about y’all?
y’all some f-cking cheaters
i know what you kids do
stole the f-cking wrc tapes the second you start losing
that’s a b-tch move
y’all been rapping for 20 f-cking years, never f-cking improve
plus you’re cool with quest holding you back, he’s like the big spoon
man, you and quest have been together forever
from the jump he could tell you were better so he f-cking locked you down longer than nelson mandela
dawg, people like you make it hard for people like me to pay respect to their elders
dawg, you been on the same f-cking quest for 20 years like legend of zelda
so what’s with the att-tude?
i never met anybody as fat as you
i can hear your f-cking heart arteries clogging f-cking jamming too
if you f-cking feeling froggy about this sh-t then do what you have to do
my team will clap for stupid sh-t like family feud
i said sh-t i wish you would try to catch me slipping while i’m out here perfect dawg
i stays with the nine like she d-mn near perfect
sh-t i might just have to burn him if he ever try to take mine
i heard you was scared to death of jail, that’s what i heard through the grapevines
you be walking the yard, holding pockets on the main line
b-tch, you more like floyd’s homie, prolly k!ll yourself if you face time
sh-t, said there ain’t too much to this gangsta stuff
get money, f-ck b-tches, don’t say too much
it’s the king of disrespect, dawg, i play too much
you still waiting to get saved, you pray too much
out of town, motherf-ckers in the bay too much
stay in your lane bryant you in the way too much
i got sent upstate for pushing weight too much
i k!ll the f-cking plug he make me wait too much
i’m crazy, drugs up in my face too much
i’m way too much, b-tch you just weigh too much
i said, those f-cking arteries inside here are f-cking set to explode
people this big don’t live that long dawg, i’m just letting you know
avocado’s already uploading your battle highlights into editor pro
so in a year from now when you die your memorial video is queued up and f-cking ready to go
you said you was gonna rap circles around me and i was giving you power
i would rap circles around you but that would take literal hours