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courtney cole – drunk lyrics


i’m drunk
haven’t had a lick of alcohol
but i’m drunk
ask me if i care at all
i’m high on life
flying like a kite
swerving down the road
side to side
i’m drunk

oh oh oh officer i see the red flashin’
oh oh i’ll walk the line like johnny cash
no excuses
throw my hands up
just a little bit of joy in this dixie cup
i’m drunk

i’m gone
you can search this car all you want
all you’re gonna find is
two tickets to tim mcgraw
red red roses from my man y’all
and i’m drunk


got a mountain view inside of my head
i woke up on the right side of the bed
coolest song on the radio
friday payday so i ain’t broke
i love him and he loves me
why do you think i’m buzzing


i’m drunk, crunk
buzzin like a bee
toasted like a bun
i’m drunk, bombed
don’t need jameson
don’t need rum
i swear, i’m fine
ain’t nothing wrong with getting high on life
i’m drunk