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crazy boyz – classy lyrics


i choke my girlfriend
just kidding, i don’t have one

i’m hotter than the sun
i recently became a parent
i have sex with my son
i c-m on children and run away
call it a hit and run
i’m a like a bucket of c-m
i’m a bucket of fun
i’m not g-y
but i’m ready to play
with your d-ck
but i’m not g-y
even though i’m in your local bathroom
sucking a d-ck
i have sex, b-tch
i’m mixed race like
chex mix
you’re just silly rabbit who loves trix
like i said i am not g-y but i love d-cks
i wear sunscreen
so i won’t get aids
i’m like a chicken
fertilizing all these b-tches eggs

i drink pee
i watch glee
i rub salt in my eye
i can’t see
if you see a molester on the news
be sure it was me
now excuse me while i drink
some water from the sea

i don’t care about your mixtape
i don’t wanna see
all of you soundcloud rappers
just wanna be me
if you wanna sue my -ss
make a decree
2pac is good but he’s not the same
you can challenge me
but you’re just fanning the flames
i ain’t mario shit
i ain’t playing no games
screw what that other rapper said
nobody’s believing his claims

i ain’t an eminem but i ain’t a skittle
i got a big c-ck so call me chicken little
i can’t stick with a b-tch call me non-committal
i’m eating caviar and you eating peanut brittle
i’m standing a thin line between bottom line and cloud nine
i drink my wine from the grape vine
all good things come in due time