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crazy ex-girlfriend cast – dream ghost lyrics


[dr. akopian]
you know the trope
in storytelling, it’s a norm
when a person’s in trouble
a manifestation of their subconscious
appears in the form of a dream ghost!
giving advice you kind of already knew
i’m a dream ghost!
i’m really just your mind working things through

it’s not clear if i’m hallucinated, or actually magic
let’s leave it vague, it’s more interesting that way

i’m gonna take you on a journey through time and sp-ce
and in the end you realize you knew the answer all along
honestly, it’s a bit of a waste to be a—

[dr. akopian & dream ghosts 1 & 2]
dream ghost! (dream ghost!)

[dream ghosts 1 & 2]
we’re other dream ghosts helping people on this plane
we’re also dream ghosts (dream ghosts!)
while you’re all asleep, we’ll sing the refrain

[dr. akopian & dream ghosts 1 & 2]
it’ll never be clear if we’re hallucinated, or actually magic
and we’re all women, ’cause this job doesn’t pay so well

[rebecca]: wow, so there are a lot of dream ghosts!
[dr. akopian]: yeah, a lot of people on this plane are having predicaments.

[dream ghost #1]
this guy is deciding
whether or not to leave his wife

[dream ghost #2]
this girl is wondering
if she should terminate her pregnancy

[dr. akopian]
this lady’s dreaming in portuguese
so i’m not sure what she wants

[dream ghost #1]
and this douche is agonizing
over whether to buy or lease a new porsche

[all dream ghosts]
we are the dream ghosts! (dream ghosts!)
here to show you the proper way
we are the dream ghosts! (dream ghosts!)
and the healthcare with this job is just okay

we’ll help you with decisions if you’re on the fence
and we’re available for private events
we’re the dream ghosts!
we wish our union health plan had dental
dream ghosts!
we’re paying out of pocket for cleanings