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crew 99 – ghetto freestyle act 1 lyrics


b-tch shut the f-ck up

here we go again her we go again, hitting up my phone, hating on me like a gucci clone
but i don’t really understand what the problem is here, rhyming like i’m shakespeare
i’m telling you about shit putting it in one ear and out the other. did i hear you mutter? or is it something about me releasing music one after another?!
first attempt at ghetto shit and it’s true and it’s true, the only one that thinks about b-tches and all that fun
no, no. problematic, yes its true, yes its true, i think i don’t got a clue on what the f-ck imma do, in this rap game haters think i’m telling about so called “d nags pain”
f-ck no, no no no
i don’t know what i’ve been rapping’ about lately but i know it’s shaky like the earthquake in haiti. pray for paris, and the parents. b-tch be suppressed like an attachment, now imagine how far ill get from rapping. and the problem is the captain. and they know it, i can make it happen, and i’m like 2chainz i be trappin’ there you go… there you go
f-gs be outta sight, shots in the trap
10 g’s in my hand his shit must be a rap
while i’m hitting (that shit)
and you know its true, i hear you in the corner crying boo-hoo
now i’m rapping in the new world, b-tch -ss kids know how i get them to make the booty clap, and they knowing my success in the rap shit and i know you listened to all of it and i’m thinking that’s how i’m lit
i’m making lyrics everyday but anyway
i’m gonna get back to the truth
play my track on that, motherf-cking bluetooth