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$crim – $uicide lyrics


[intro: the joker & $crim]
look at me, look at me, look at me
people will die, starting tonight
i’m a man of my word, hahahahaha
this a $crim beat
dj $crim with that 808

rollin’ up that cannabis
dressed in black i’m vanishin’
pistol glock up in my grip
ak chopper on my hip
never will i trust a b-tch
clever when i bust it quick
how the f-ck i’m supposed to cope
c-ck it back and take my life
sippin’ until i lose my sight
smoke a blunt then reignite
murder me a f-ckboy
you don’t cry, it’s sacrifice
i’m drippin’ all in this gold, b-tches
suckin’ on my ice, ho’
roll up a dime, man
i’m slangin’ on methadone
i’m feature bound
i’m choppin’ and blockin’ and i get to poppin’
all up in your noggin i’m robbin’ your father
them blades with the shade
with red in my face
to k!ll all these fakes
that’s up in this place
feedin’ the kids while i’m sippin’ on grape
that money i chase while i’m dressed on that bape
run in your house with that glock in your mouth
i’m k!llin’ your kids and i’m f-ckin’ your spouse
hand on the trigger i’m dumping them rivers
them bodies be shiver codeine in my liver
while i’m smokin’ on that haze
give a f-ck about what they say
$crimma f-cking all these sl-ts
trappin’ and cappin’ i’m in the cut
g-59 we so corrupt
you pullin’ the trigger you better not miss
don’t give a sh-t
i murder your b-tch
then i turn ghost
inhale the smoke
dressin’ all black
nose full of c-ke
give me the rope
i’m taking my life
give me the dope
i’m smoking the pipe
goons be lurking
cell phone chirping
hit a lick in a turban
i’m determined to get this money
f-ck that p-ssy gonna fall back honey
tommy filled with dope
ray ban’s on, i’m on that loc
overdosin’ on some potion
burnin’ flesh you love that smell
k!ll ’em all, k!ll ’em all
take these f-ckboys back to h-ll
narcotics in my pocket
got them bricks that i be choppin’
got the brain of a serial k!ller
that mystic prince soul of a sinner
psycho with automatics
wrap ’em up in plastic
sent ’em back home as a package
i’m in the bushes laughin’
b-tch i sleep up in a casket
nickel-plated razor blade
hades amazed demonic craze
come with me to h-ll, black widow
triple six degrees
murder, with adversity
you ain’t seen the worst of me, ho’

[outro: $crim]
you ain’t seen the worst of me
come back with you to h-ll
$crimmy, $crimmy, yeah
say yo’ uzi, shoot these motherf-ckers