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cripper – vicious condition – inhibitor lyrics


i got it done while no one saw it
removed the fright and did not tell
not alone but solely
i turned your head and walked away

i can’t keep what i don’t have
but throw away the need to own
bet the players want to play
open a side pot i’m all in

vicious condition
perdition on demand
a shelter of hatred
the cradle of relief

oh darling, my inhibitor
my heart is occupied
no subst-tute and no relief
i made myself a prisoner

i’m not the one you thought i am
and i’m no longer who i was
things i heard and plans that failed
shoes are worn out, paths blind

when pressure reached a certain climax
my knot untied just fell apart
the ones i hate and try to escape from
once were the ones i needed most

the scalp replanted back to your head
does not fit and looks grotesque
yes, i once wished you were dead
never prayed that you should die