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criss lyric – buddha’s delight [shiitake] lyrics


[hook: crslyrc]

i don’t even like pictures
love skinny jeans and my girls quite thick
if i don’t know a n-gg-, i ain’t shooting dice with him
never had love for a non cyph n-gg-
shiitake !
i don’t really like n-gg-s
love melanin and 4c type kinks
life’s sweet better eat while its ripe n-gg-
f-cking right n-gg-, on sight n-gg-
shiitake !

[verse 1: crslyrc]
suck her soul from her cat on a drunk night
get her wet when i bless her, gesundheit
if she wanna keep me, she must keep that c-nt tight
make me feel like the box got a drug in it
i might let her call me by my government, oy!
that arch is golden and i’m loving it
blowing a strain, sleet snow or rain
i stay in the cut b-tch stay in your lane, yahng!
i twist symmetric fatties, call em liz and patty
reaper chopping come and make a death wish
civil savage, swam with sharks
i bet steve irwin never seen this type of action, reckless
watching flat screens in my towel
smoking sour out the mother f-cking vowel
girl rub your nipples while you double dribble
on my b-lls i love it when you get foul
keep the funk, i want the sweet and nasty
gushy stuff i shouldn’t have to ask
i f-ck her deep and slow, before i thrash her
word to ash, i gotta catch em all
b-tch, you ain’t never seen a master ball
and you better answer when a master calls
ride the c-cky like a f-cking jockey on a kawasaki
shiitake, oy!


[intermission: crslyrc]
saute, saute, saute, saute, shiitake [4x]

[verse 2: crslyrc]

deep in these streets, i learned if you sleeping they creep
f-ck with me, we with that thuggery
we turnt center stage, fully loaded no buffering
ain’t looking for trouble my g, so don’t trouble me
focused on double d’s, booty and money trees
sucker free, couple times this life caught up with me
luckily, i made it out not a scuff on me
straight from the trenches to luxury, yahng
the baddest of b-tches be busting me down
they choose cuz they so used to f-cking with clowns
give her some game till she’s wrapped round my finger
vintage rose gold and its wrapped round my index
keep wiping me down till you run out of windex
take off your panties but keep on your fishnets
spread eagle like you on the street team for dipset
i don’t slut shame, you will still get my respect
but you’ll get ejected if f-ckery’s detected
or if i sense that my love is neglected
i recommend you expect the unexpected
when dealing with me, i be shifting directions
mood swings switch like mood rings
blow packs in a loft with a few tings
knock boots but i don’t tie shoe strings
no wonder these b-tches be tripping