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crooked i – imagine lyrics


[verse 1]
when i was young i wanted to rock chains like slick rick the ruler
now i stay iced out and spend chips with jewelers
life was no picnic, i attended the school of
hard knocks and dark blocks, i dipped with the ruger
for quick chips i hit licks with shooters
get away smoother than a stick shift maneuvers
ogs used to smoke big spliffs of buddha
and say listen to crooked i, this kid is the future
hard to stay focused when your pockets are the brokest
and everybody you meetin’ in showbiz is bogus
sometimes your own friends h-t you up the coldest
when your closest homeboy say give it up, it’s hopeless
nah, don’t give it up, you gon’ live it up
and blow bigger bucks, you won’t give a f-ck
you gon’ whip a truck that’s chrome tinted up
go get ’em and hit ’em, it’s on n-gg- what
they trying to close the door on people who squeeze through
can’t leave rap alone, the game need you
gotta hustle like me, i never sleep dude
a f-cking robot, r2d2
hard to see through the smog and the fog
it’s light at the end for my hogs and my dogs
you negative haters, put my b-lls in your jaws
i don’t need that energy, f-ck ya’ll i’ma ball
call it new west city, do it gangsta as nino
dropped a helicopter on top of the vegas casino
scarface the whole game like my name was pacino
pull a drop end up, hit valet with some c-notes
you gotta see it before you be it
view it before you do it
envision it truly then you’ll be living it
be as successful as what you looking to do
remember whatever you looking for is looking for you
you know how many times people said crooked was through
i kept grinding on they -ss, never took it for truth
just waited on these similes and fly metaphors
to help me overcome my poor credit score
forever more, now every necklace that he ever wore
is heavy as a chevy door, i was headed for betty ford
cause i was hennessy abusing yeah
stressed out losing hair instead of choosing prayer
this is truth or dare, i ain’t choosing dare
cause truthfully i don’t want to see you lose your flare
lose your fight, lose your p-ssion, lose your sight
god gave you music, use it right
i ain’t preaching homey, just want to see you at your best
can’t give a testimony without going through a test
i’m one of the most tested on the f-cking west
but even in trouble yes, i’m a b-o double s
i recall having my back against the wall
just like a small child trying to measure how tall
he is
remember putting that notch over your head to see if you grown
who’s growing now, we is
we are, c-r double o k-e-d
it’s real sh-t it ain’t a a-c-t