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$cruff – purp cobain (thank you and you’re welcome) lyrics


(verse 1)
well ain’t it obvious
ain’t heard me since i got back from metropolis
but i been plotting for a minute, gettin closer to my prime man i swear i’m so optimus -tic

trust me i’m worth the wait
grab that eighth and my nimbus
i’m high in clouds swervin’
f-ck your goals, i know my purpose
same little n-gga that went to dirksen

same self-made n-gga that put that work in
you’re in way too deep to not scratch the surface
all i wants to be close to perfect
and all i ask from these b-tches is get to twerkin’

as long as i see my parents smiling
give em both a million, tell em this for more trips to the islands
know ashley crazy but from the bottom of my heart f-ck everything little sister i got you

look where positivity brought us
could’ve never made it without you
never slipped. never got caught up
never lackin’, f-ck the opps n-gga its new rules

i keep the peace and my blue juice
then leave the piece with my shooter that’s that duece duece
tryna keep my pockets up on bruce bruce
call me purp cobain baby just chop n screw you

real n-gga w-ssup
real n-gga w-ssup
young n-gga w-ssup
i’m on the road to riches and you boys lookin stuck

(verse 2)
i don’t pop molly i rock tom ford
-ss fat, bring it back need that encore
ain’t no lean in my liqour keep them bottles poured
told my girl if she like girls bet i’m all for it

see yall complain about these hoes too much
how do all of that talkin never made a buck
that’s that north, north that up top
i won’t stop til i’m on top the after that i’ll still prolly transport in my porshe n-gga

and i even got no porshe n-gga
so i’ll just grind to get my stacks bigger
if you ain’t yes b-tch i’m that n-gga
no like i’m that n-gga

i’m from the burbs ho
ain’t talkin money you ain’t said nothin but a word ho
and if you scared you better take yo -ss to church ho
2080 in this thang yeah that my kinfolk, get up with my kinfolk
ho what it’s hittin for

and i don’t pop molly i rock tom ford