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crusty.jpeg – i_have.als lyrics


your d-ck ’bouta sprout
your boy crusty.jpeg rapping up here on the soundclout

if your d-ck a peanut
mine’s a cashew
boy i’ma yeezy
you’re a child’s shoe
rap sick as frick
call it stomach flu
now i’ma p-ss it to chance
wait, naw, f-ck that guy

all these hating -ss [bleep] you can go bye, bye
i don’t need you, or your f-cking hentai
mich-lle obama body pillow lookin’ -ss

b-tch you in economy
i’m in first cl-ss
my goldfish dead
you g-y for garlic bread

i f-cked with a sofa
now i’ma remove you
proactive vs blackhead

yo, hit me up on yandex if you a gril
you just gotta be h-lla f-cking thick
and be able to move my little toothpick
around like a joystick, and after go on a picnic
and take a face full of fish sticks

you’s a beta cuck
my d-ck so big
call me donald duck


crusty.jpeg, the memes, the feels, and the everything in between