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crying steel – barricades lyrics


can you hear them coming?
they want your blood
and take your woman
your neighborhood

they don’t want your money
and they’re here for good
a systematic wipeout
and it’s understood

no warning sound
no siren call
from underground
and skies they fall

so are you ready?
the sun is down
like darkness creeps
without a sound

i’ve been asking every man
what day it is
hanging on for the silence
i know
raise this city to the ground
take me away from this..
burning all my bridges down
i know

there’s nothing lost
and nothing gained
you never hear them cry
at the barricades
people die
for the people saved
and there’s nothing in your eyes
at the barricades

there’s soldiers runnin’
outside the walls..
defenders gunnin’
with a dyin’ call..
come victory
and flags are flyin’
if love is dyin’