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cryptic wisdom – sell out lyrics


yo, i’m a swagger jacker plane crasher that hate rappers
i’ll take b-st-rd and wipe my -ss with your face after
the master of ceremonies, you’ll fade faster
than kony, phony facebook f-ggots will race past ya

i never asked what houston had happen
we’re relaxing in the bathroom relapsing on the crack again
[houston we have a problem] when i say i’m in the lab i’m in
i’m actually snorting lines off of whitney’s abdomen

this ain’t a holy world at all
the devil called, he told me to throw this in a psalm
i told him i was jacking off with lotion in my palms
oprah’s on, call me back, satan’s sp-wn turns me on!

the specialty rape recipe
is feed her steak and ecstasy to leave her naked next to me
tape her to the bed to see me tape her give free head to me
and gape her s-xy neck and she can play russian roulette with me

and chris webby, get off of my pandora station
you bore the nation, i’m praying you’re at my door and waiting
you lord forsaken, kick your -ss for insubordination
this is a personal beef, this dis is more then hating

ain’t f-cking playing, this cw is your replacement
you’re pasty race, i’m beaner faced, there ain’t no more relation
you can’t rob my monogram with fake pistols
mr. getaway driver, get away from my initials!

federal officials in vegas rake in the bacon
raising the stakes in this state ain’t the only rape in the -n-s
secret agent vacations in places making
colombian waitresses shake it with fake t-ts and ain’t paying sh-t

all i’m saying is authorities are wh0r-s to me
i’d f-ck tipper gore and beat that p-ssy up gloriously
bust in her, tip her horribly, court orders me to sport a fee
i told her i would cordially abort for free… orally

i didn’t plan parenthood and arizona wouldn’t found it for me
at planned parenthood, they just ignored me, whats the story?
the governor decreed enough aborting “what!?”
but the sl-ts are h-rny, and mad as f-ck cause they use rubbers poorly

back rubbers surely didn’t expect
a greased up john travolta and his feminine pecks
offering to bring the thunder, rub their head and their necks
give them the best g-y s-x before they head to the press

i suggest all of you follow the leader in hollywood
and jump off of the nearest bridge, i believe it – you probably should
and you probably would dare to go in the air bearing a bomb
in a pair of underwear to scare american moms
cause you’ll blow up anything if your bros says that it goes hard
show a slow flow, runny nose, your plays go far
no box of kleenex but 400 gee-tars
i’d pay for krispy kreme next to collab with a r-t-rd?

this isn’t me, yes, but this is what you drove me to
boke a fuse, no more to lose, having trouble coping though
i feel like i could choke a dude, i’m dope as f-ck and don’t get viewed
don’t get trhough, no review, people only notice you

if told that’s what they’re supposed to do, only heard of you
if you are what they’re hearded to, i’m counting sheep and seeing clones accrue
while you were sleeping i was reaping what i sowed and grew
beneath the tree in eden feeding eve the holy wisdom fruit

f-ck you!