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cryptive – all caps remix lyrics


if i see another wack verse posted then imma scream
your entire teams rhymes is weak ya minds are meek
i find a beat and write a scheme so it dies in peace
you try to be, a nice emcee, you fail and i knife ya spleen
your tiny fleets not iller than godzilla
don’t fight the fleece we’re god k!llers no god’s iller
do not spill another octillionth of y’all gibber-
ish b-tch this sh-t is hot feel the
flames lames may claim they contain the same brain strains
but they ain’t make an eighth of this freight train
they may think this track has gone off the rails
but i don’t feel your rhymes my hands not on top of braille
have you locked in h-ll the hottest cell, mine is cold to me
absolute zero degrees but it’s nice and cozy see
this madvillain ran his tongue and can craft vision
of his d-mn kingdom and last victim who died below my feet!
don’t try opposing me, poser! a t-tan molding the molten
motifs striking foes that are colder, my writing overcome odin
your mind is close to corrosion, mine is soaking in golden
oceans of potent knowledge, so fightings shown to be hopeless
he’s out of control with the maddening notions
and accurate approaches for handwritten poems
you’ll meet your maker, and i’m hammering home this
point when i lift the gat to your dome just to splatter ya dome
why? cos the hammers mjölnir
the m-sses in focus, as he glances his scope and
the m-sses give focus cos he mastered hypnosis
his patterns ferocious they’re compact and they go in
precise bursts, till minds spurt, and the m-ssacres growing
this more than, raw raps, for tracks, it’s a war dance
once i launch at, your -ss, you’ll fallback regardless of your stance
critics or fans, all die when the sword slash
my name i scrawl that in a victims flesh in all caps