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cults – bumper lyrics


he had been untrue
i had learned of all his lies
i took a look in her eyes and she caught me by surprise

i threw his sh-t on the floor
she rushed me out of the door

he tried to explain
i didn’t do anything

i knew that he was bad
never knew just what he had
i still don’t have a line
but i’ll find one soon in time

started crying my eyes out
i drive my car and boost out
i wish we never met
i never had a regret

i had it up to here
i can’t take this any more
if she’s this crazy now
there’s no telling what’s in store

maybe i should start a life with someone new
and give up all my hopes for.

i went on a drive
and he caught me by surprise
i took a look in her eyes
and said i need you in my life

i’m in love with him
i’m in love with her
you gotta give me the chance

la, la, la, la