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curly fry: the kamikaze kid – start the show lyrics


hoes and feinds, bros and teens
welcome to the show! find your seats
swich the flows in beats, til’ you froze in speech
i’m going to keep you on your toes til’ your shoes creace

i’m going to rap only the rawest topics
so here’s a joke about how my d+ck microscopic
rap about my c+ck and b+lls, revolting
but i’m like blink182 i rap about the small things

share these songs with all your best friends
this is escape music from the walls your stressed in
and yes i’m going to stall all your questions
so heres four bars full of dated cared reference
i’m exodia obliteratеin’ when i do these hoеs
i’m penatratein’ your life points like yu+gi+oh
put me in attack mode , pass the dooby bro
drop an lp i’m not talking about life points though

i only vomit rhymes full of nonsence plots
comic topics and pickpocketin’ wallets is all i got
the beat was doomed as soon as i got on it
i’m bionic roboic not at all hot sh+t i called it

feel like skateboard p in my icecream sneakers
if i go back to school it to kiss my 2end grade biology teachers
the kids under the beachers, got a crew of of creachers
and rap fiends lookin’ to get me in a feature

not on a track on the news cast segment, to weigh in
becase they found a corpse in my bas+m+nt, faceless
and are wondering where the arms and legs went
if you see a rapper walkin’ aimless, take a rape kit , your not gonna make it
hey guys he’s chokin on the rhymes he wrote, man!

he looks like he doing lines of coke and ibuprofen
i wish i could say i be jokin’ but his mind is broken
but curly fry’s a poet he got my eyes and ears roped in

i’m mad and hostile, i’ll straight up smack a model
crack a bottle over anyone who says my rapping’s awfel
my life an action novel throw a punch at your jaw bone
i’m a f+cking gangster who loves to snack on waffels
my name’s marquise berry, i’m a rapaholic (hi marquise)
or a beat fiend whatever you want to call it
this track is my domaine when i’m on it
and this is no man’s land chaotic and lawless

i got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
children in my bas+m+nt now, children in my bas+m+nt now
gotta gun i gonna take it out, sip a fifth of vodka i’m wasted now
i’ll walk into the mall naked proud just to get a taste of clout, f+ck my bank accout

i deserve respet yet i get negect i’ll grab ya neck
look me up on google but spell kamakazi correct
like k+a+m+a+k+a+z+i
might spray 8 membrains gateway crime

wow, curly got a mouth on em’
got in so much trouble, he got a bounty out on em’
i was a problem child but i’m now awesome
i’m jotton rotten rhymes to get you moshin’

yes , hang on my every word
for the next hour i will be assaulting your ears
with only the stupidest and cr+ppiest tracks you ever heard
prepare yourself