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curren y – breakfast lyrics



so cold with it protentcy of the beat is consistant
with the fact that most did it prolific not shakin
or stirred in da presence of those n-gg-s herbs
they only after ya bread them f-ckin birds
you think they like your haircut fair enough
live your life patna guess i can keep these two cents in my pocket
and back to these underground rap dollas refused the majors
and stayed real i kept my promise rolled bamboos in the bahamas
mama it’s either that or them strawberry colidas x-box web browser
download or updated nba roster play?
two game season condo full of snacks spitta not leavin off
brand m-th-f-ckas odd numba you are not even on my level
write that sickness my ink pen sneezin yancy thigpin
can’t catch me sleepin you ear hustlin m-th-f-cka
and i’m eatin creepin with my side
b-tch hope i don’t ge caught cheatin new orleans
dis morning new york in this evening squintin
they eyes and sh-t they can’t see him fly in the house
buzzin them bugs can’t be him elegible letters in my leger
they can’t read him smilin money pilein i’m cheesin odometer
broken i ain’t know that i was speedin fast livin slow gin for these b-tches
i got that game from my pittsburg n-gg-s ? v diablo 96 ? daniel son crane kick