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curren$y – incarcerated scarfaces lyrics


he looks determined, without being ruthless
something heroic in his manor
(yup, yup)
there’s a courage about him, doesn’t look like a k!ller
(yeah, yeah)
comes across so calm
act’s like he has a dream
(at the drop spot every morning)
full of p-ssion
(more keys than you could want)
you don’t trust me huh?
you know why
(doing it for fun)
i do, we’re not supposed to trust anyone in our profession anyway
(do what i want)

(yeah, yeah)
(do it cause i want)
(do it cause you don’t)
(cause you won’t)

uh, marble cake watch
sliding out the ‘rarri
smoke a zip with the young k!llers outside the party
don’t get stole, soul sn-tched from your body
talk slick to strapped n-gg-s, knowing you ain’t got it
tried to school em, this is drug dealer college
that logic, could bring you profit if you applied it
instead of laying up homie, entertaining gossip
i swear some of them n-gg-s need to see the gynecologist
jet life, this mafia sh-t
stashed the corvette and the luggage set
by my one doctor b-tch
at the drop of a hat, i could hop scotch the [?]
plenty stacks from this digital trap
now you see me, now you don’t
buying pretty much anything i could want
hustling, like i don’t have a home and a studio
with the bone, stuffing h-lla game in these songs
i came in the range with the fog lights on
smoking champagne, only the finest strains
you still smoking on that motherf-cking reg strain
while i’m running on that 93 octane
audio dope man, dope man
real as a motherf-cker and so is my gold chain
penning that cocaine and you know mane

you know mane
weed & instrumentals
part 2
dadada da da
dadada da da
jet life, jet life, jet life
jet life, jet life, jet life