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curse ov dialect – all cultures lyrics


[verse 1: raceless]
alienation and xenophobia become the disease of the nation
while infestation of segregation in turn breeds hesitation
bigots and racists with no basis and their spiritual facades
you forget the indigenous animism of the past
shamans and bards
count joseph arthur de gobineautt
your concept of race is exposed now
your seventeenth century literature
published for the naive book collector
the pain you caused mixed with christian laws which made the white man divine?
animal domestication with language culture and traditions
your observations of white and black in turn creates divisions
within these extremes of human beings you forget uzbeki and arab
these middle people of cross-cultural regions make your judgments jagged:
pharaonic egyptian
macedon then south for more battalions
han chinese to sakahlin
tierra del fuegan
cherokee up to the aluit alaskan plain
the concept of race is now defamed

all cultures
all together

[verse 2: vulk makedonski]
expansion of a mansion
the devil dancing
enhancing ideology astrology biology anthology of movement
improve the sky that i lie under
untie the thunder
wrapped around my spine
connected to my mind
electric vibration worldwide radiation there’s a bit in my pocket i can’t stop it
-ssimilating nations invasions erasing cultures
worshipping steel boulders
pouncing with announcements subliminal slavery
do i have a choice?
to voice my opinion what’s the use?
they’ve all been abused by dominions
delicate hypocrisy
irrelevant philosophy
tossing me into the scr-p
all i can do is rap
that’s ‘cuz i won’t adapt
it’s a trap and a slap in the face
life’s fast paced need to slow down
speed k!lls you don’t need pills
greed chills
fills winter with money storms and we’re all running outside naked
forgetting our sacred ways like making haystacks
breaking stray backs
the hardest harvest
they tried to part us
start us on a path of destructive elements
harmony is relevant for benelovent actions
factions intensified pressure on the lesser-equipped stripped citizen
with no chance to begin again
we’re all addicts to the conflict
because of the wrong sh-t
i long for a gong to hit the sky lit
sun is the answer
ongoing cancer
clouds of disease
i’m proud to spread peace if i’m down on my knees
praying for the slaying and atrocities to cease
bees will sing until we’re free i’ll sing

[verse 3: joelistics]
when the english first landed here in australia they brought beef
and the queen she set up her colonies in australia like a leech
and i’m part of a dominant culture with an older and wiser one underneath and i support a formal apology to say sorry for the grief
when it comes to skin color it’s a strange boat i’m in
you see ‘cuz my dad is an abc chinese and my mum is european
i’m eastern and i’m western and i’m proud of both connections
but i’ve still had to deal with racial sh-t and get depressed
there’s still slander painted on the walls of my house saying “asians out” and “go back to where you came from” but it’s the same old hatred sung in the same old song
but australia’s first boat people here were poms so tell me how is it you gauge the place where you belong