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cyfah soul – all i know lyrics


i’m going to make this happen
watch me go
i’m going to shape this dream
with all i know (repeat)

relentlessly i ascend
cause its ah high wire act
to balance love and hate
and keep mentally intact

to keep mindfully on track
in the midst of madness
the insane rules the sain
and it’s so scandalous

no news is good news
get your hate here on sale
instead of all the fake drama
please sent an email

everybody’s shook
when a sound goes pop
trampling over courage
they can’t and won’t stop

now is not the time to
trample over focus
cause then comes the snakes
the vermin and the locust

don’t waste your work
ethic on a f-ckin day gig
got you bringing home the bacon
gettin lynched by the pig

go get a life style
go get a life while
you livin’ and breathing
the air is so file

the globe must be warming
cause no bees are out swarming’
there goes the planet
hope to see y’all in the morning

we use to be
at the corner phone booth
with harmony in cypher
blending words as youth

talking game about prospects
that won’t materialize
it takes a couple ah few years
before life is realized

through young eyes
no surprise
no one ever really dies
until you see that first body
now no rule applies

you get blinded by ugly
street sceneries
rebel against your folks
like they the enemies

later on if your lucky
you let knowledge be born
live life
love lots
and keep rockin on

but let’s not get sloppy
mental excursions and diversions
divert the objective
this anit no elective

or extra curricular
for those who lack flow

its like corner phone booths
was our only cubicle
but we expanded operations
so that shit wasn’t suitable

every moment you wait you’re going nowhere
you may want to give up
but don’t even go there
i know this world ain’t no fair
but you gotta have revolution
before peace