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cynic raps – osiris lyrics


i got andromeda in my jacket the milky way in my pen, i’m so high off life i might not come down again, resuscitate dead hopes in dreams back to life before i go to bed, brush my teeth with regrets, purge my stress, don’t forget to flush this mess, k!ll a beat like the fears in my head, i’m embracing fear so its dead, if a monster comes at me in my sleep ill unconsciously rip off his head, isn’t it ironic the color of blood and love is red
from my childhood days i would write page after page it wasn’t for you to listen more for me to explain
somethings i don’t understand but figuring them out made me a man so how on earth can i really complain
i used to wanna be an astronaut and i still do but seasons fly by and dry gr-ss turns to mildew
so as i write this i take a moment to reflect things ain’t been the same since the day that you left
so as i write this i take a moment to reflect things ain’t been the same since the day of your death

as i write this

i got mars on my wrist while talking to osiris
while stopping ultra violence shout out to my homie king mitis
stab rappers with my trident while chewing on some trident
i ain’t tryna get this money i’m tryna get enlightened
f-ck rap let’s start cults never grow up to be adults
i’m not saying it’s your fault but when your middle aged some turn dull
i’m trying to invade your skull add my thoughts in until your full
i ain’t down with this empty rap so i’m bringing it back to the old school
y’all keep it to simple pop a rapper like a pimple
my mind is a temple universe adjacent to my temple
cynic be so sickle wack mcs tend to be fickle
heard your verse i felt tickled rappers sour like some pickles danm