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cypress & co. – good day lyrics


verse 1:
you snuck in last week, coming through the back window
took all i had to eat, i didn’t really mind til
you bega–an feeding on my blood and in
return you gave me poison, poison, poison

pre chorus:
i thought you’d keep me company
but now i’d rather be alone ‘cause

i find it hard to breathe when demons make their home in me
i find it hard to breathe; i am not your house, i’m kicking you out
good day-ay-ay

verse 2:
you built a fire, i adjusted to the heat, but
i can’t have you sleeping on my couch: this is too much
write lies on my mirror every morning and i’m
tired of the fear, fear, fear

i know you’ll try to come back
but you should know that
i’m ready to fight again