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cypress hill – shut ’em down lyrics


(feat. tom morello)

[male news archors #1:] breaking news story! just bringing you up to date…
[female news archors #1:]… across the us, as the country’s economy continues to plunge.
[male news archors #2:] now some are so outraged… they are doing something about it!
[female news archors #1:] the congress is proposing new taxes…
[male news archors #2:] symbols remind you of the toll the ongoing wars are taking on our country!
[female news archors #1:] ceo’s. [echoes] [beat starts]

[tom morello starts playing the guitar]

[chorus 1: b-real (sen dog)]
we shut ’em down! – we shut ’em down! (shut ’em down!)
we shut ’em down! (shut ’em down!) – yeah, we shut ’em down!
we shut ’em down! – we shut ’em down! (shut ’em down!)
we shut ’em down! (shut ’em down!) – yeah, we shut ’em down!

[sen dog:]
somethin’ getting down from the motherf-ckin’ get go (get go!)
hands around your neck and i’m refusing to let go! (i’m refusing to let go!)
i’m like a down south – crooked–ss police (crooked–ss police!)
gettin’ me some of everything. – down to your show biz! (down to your show biz!)
see? they got me – straight going off, g! (straight goin’ off, g!)
going buck wild, swinging on a paparazzi! (swingin’ on the paparazzi!)
we not done! – this sh-t ain’t over! (this sh-t ain’t over!)
cause we’re back with a nation of soldiers. (with a nation of soldiers!)
and we havin’ it! – we takin’ over, kid! (we takin’ over, kid!)
coming through – with the cannabis potent sh-t! (cannabis potent sh-t!)
i’m thinkin’: “oh, no! – we rock the good show! ” (we rock the good show!)
hand over the mic’ like billy boddy in a fist show. (like billy boddy in a fist show!)

(bailouts, wall street, cold wars, politicians, quiet tax)

[chorus 2: b-real {sen dog}]
(bailouts!) shut ’em down! – (wall street!) shut ’em down! {shut ’em down!}
shut ’em down! {shut ’em down!} – yeah, we shut ’em down!
(cold wars!) we shut ’em down! – (politicians!) we shut ’em down! {shut ’em down!}
(quiet tax!) shut ’em down! {shut ’em down!} – yeah, we shut ’em down!

going down the cross roads, feeling kinda lost no
way to make it forsaken and taken for a lost soul!
i don’t want your sympathy! – i don’t need your hand out!
never had it planned out, just a cut your man out!
wars on the newscast! – caught it on a news flash!
heard about a new tax! – what if i refuse that?
i don’t want your promises! – i don’t need your bullsh-t!
i don’t need you telling me the answers at the pulpit!
setup for the meltdown! – hunted by the h-llhounds!
spiders got you spellbound! – get up if you fell down!
i don’t hate your slick talk! – i don’t seek your point of view!
i’m the f-cking th-rn your side that keeps annoying you!

[chorus 3: b-real {sen dog}]
(crooked cops!) we shut ’em down! –