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cytotoxin – frontier of perception lyrics


humanity – bred on deceit
visionaries – in their own universe of voidness

what i do not see has no existence
obligation is my conviction
conviction is the driving force
directed by unawareness

unable to gaze into outward
to the endless beyond all senses

predominance of the atom
equation of existence
nullifying all foreign
devouring the oppressing one

what is unaware is bessed
what is alive is finite

we do not know it
we know nothing

space, time spheres and nothing
as a concentration of sources
narrow understanding countless barren human souls
the world that we call “home” is violated by relativity
open the portals of perception and stare into eternity

related elements
predictions are not possible
there is a crucial factor on which everything depends
in this labile system
minor variation induce a serious aftermath

math reigns the system of chaos
the disposal of events is feigned

math reigns the system of chaos

some events seem to happen casual
but the contributing factors are just too numerous
and the relations between
are too complicated to be determined by a human mind

all is chaos – chaos is all