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cytotoxin – survival matrix lyrics


low power alpha section particles high ionized
unable to endanger human intimacy
infinite greed for cell seed – serious burning of the beta section
inhaled compenents will secure the way to the torment

radiation roams the world freed
unknown melted fuel m-ss is draining out of an radiative labyrinth
cracks in the retaining wall – manifested scars of the eruption

torn out of convenience
fear turns to bravery
bravery turns to stupidity
freed radiation

hide – the sense of taste is the one and only which may unmask the radiation

temperature increases with proximity
dosimeter failed – the path is laid

matrix shock

molecule dissection – gamma radiation nemesis
biogenic death squad – enhanced potentation of weakness
synchronous particle of attack – chemic compound arise
gamma – sovereign of decline – going through material

matrix shock – no cover

now comes the punishment
for feeling like kings
overestimated science
ingenuous and myopic

human fulfill the greed
the path is laid
you can’t become a master
when you’re born a slave