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czarface – deviatin’ septums lyrics


[verse 1: inspectah deck]
my music go harder than those foolish buffoons you know
spit the rudest flow, never stoop low for stupid hoes
fresher than ya new clothes, winter in chicago, boy
i’m too cold

[verse 2: esoteric]
i’m too bold, attackin’ like i’m cujo
how many times can that gun burst if it’s from earth?
how many stupid food-colored whips are you hopping out in one verse
tell me again, how many (ladies!) are you slayin’?
when you really watchin pornhub clips with fifty-two percent ratings
my mind’s all-smart, it’s in the ball park as jean-paul sartre
yours is in the parking lot of walmart
bagging duck dynasty wall-art
you claiming that you move the clubs, but only in a golf cart
czar, hold the mic

[verse 3: inspectah deck]
like pic-sso paint a picture in 1080p
(tell ’em) high res, wide lens, you ain’t screen
crowd goin’ wild like they screamin’ for they favorite team
amphetamines give shakes to the fiends
he’s the general zod, fleein’ from a federal charge
next surgery – sue due to head nods
certified worker, sir, i salute the god
the next generation jean-luc picard

[verse 4: esoteric]
you know, this is sort of well-recorded l
nosey neighbors tell the board of health that the corpses smell
in the bl–dy jordans [?] to orson welles
ain’t n-body tryna hear you like an orphan’s yell
i’m rugged
like a tortoise sh-ll, you rugged like a stuffed one
you bust guns, never flow cold as ice
we keep the merchandise

[verse 5: inspectah deck]
movin’ like a hundred u-hauls
screw y’all, call me a bully
the industry is like the school hall
who are y’all? you’re goof b-lls
dudes rockin’ rupaul shawls
(czarface) kids, what y’all call raw

deviatin’ septums
rippin’ out goozles
walkin’ out the winner
bein’ the best

we snack on danger and we dine on death!