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czarifick – you know how to whistle don’t you? lyrics


(first verse – czar)

i’m a wiz with the witz what the l!ck read?
with speed d-ck be ripping poon poon
zoom zoom, boom boom
so pro, don’t c-m too soon
i last long, l!ck your cat latch on
to my hair i don’t care now the match on
now i’m on top of you touch my tattoos
ooh, i’m riding you, it’s a sight to do
f-ck the seeing this ding-a-ling is true
not what you see on the tv or
streaming while you beat your meat
feed me your screams i’ve seen your dreams
i know what you want now i don’t flaunt
but i got this monster c-ck, you’re not
prepared when i rock & tear
i got your hair from down there
in my mouth and i don’t care
oh yea

(second verse – fick)