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calderas – set me free lyrics

heartbroken and left out on the street, can’t you hear me baby?
i’m begging on my knees.
i do.
even though you left me i set the table for two, and spend the rest of the night waiting for you.
you know i do.
you are the subject of another mans dream.
i woke up even before our dream became real.
i woke up.
i had my shot but the sun in my eyes were too bright, and after all aren’t you lying in his bed tonight?
yes you do.
the fire baby, it will burn us both, walk with me into the fire and there will be no more.
no more doubts.
but i recall the thing that burned out was the spark.
what rose from the ashes had body and spirit, far apart.
i went to church and for an hour i found peace, then i realized that mankind is supposed to be free.
free of religion, free of all this hate.
time comes and time goes but things stay desame.
you held out your hand and i said what can i do?
what she did to me, i will do to you.
i know i will.
so let’s be happy, just for this night.
what more can you expect, tommorow comes early and i have’nt slept.
so walk with me into the fire and there will be no doubt.
our flaming light will repell all the shadows.
and if the sun in your eyes shine too bright, take a step back, look down and let the sun be your guiding light.

- calderas lyrics

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