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camlove – truth serum lyrics

truth serum, i’ve been taking this truth serum
could’ve listened to my friends but i couldn’t hear em
i was too stupid to realize, too stupid to fathom
that we were incompatible because of a great chasm
we would never be together, it shot me like a beam
so just like the everly brothers, you’re only in a dream
an elongated fantasy of time spent with you and me
but that’s all it is, a thought based on f-cking fallacy
i spent a lot of sleepless nights, pondering my loneliness
and how people keep their standards high into the holiness
i’m a timid guy, with a somewhat warm heart
whose only hope of love is a rave or frat part’
i’m unattractive, antisocial, not fun to be around
so all that i communicate through are words and sound
i say it probably a trillion times, but music is my therapy
and others seem to enjoy it, so it shall not be my enemy
i tend to go on tangents, never keeping on track
so as time goes on, i’ll keep it straight, like a cul de sac
maybe it’s one of the reasons, i’m in bed, single
as i build my rep back, shingle by shingle
i’m a flawed individual, depression’s a huge thing
so imma step aside, and i’mma let another sing

this realization of our personal relations
i thought we could build, but we lacked the foundations
now it’s coming back to me a boomerang of sorts
putting me on trial in these relational courts
i always thought lovers was what we were gonna be
but as i reflected, i knew i had to let you free
truth serum…
truth serum…

- camlove lyrics

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