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camzino – grounded (verse) lyrics

they say home’s where the heart is
this ain’t home for an artist
i’m just tryna find the balance
get back to where we started
city changing too fast man it’s crazy
tryna tear us down, i ain’t with it
can you blame me?
still they wanna steal all this culture, claim it’s for promo
i don’t feel equality, i feel like they don’t know though
lately i been lost, still fighting with couple demons
and they tell me there’s no problem in the city that they leading
i ain’t with it though

they can’t tear us down
they can’t tear me down

i built my name in this city they tryna knock it down
london going up in flames girl
london still the home of the brave girl

they can never ground me
i don’t follow rules

had to say my piece
it’s been overdue

365 in the city i’m getting things done
tell me how you’d feel if they did this to you?

tell me how you’d feel if they stole your wave?
make some money from it, laugh up in your face

and you just had to sit down and deep it all
happening for years, this ain’t nothing new
no this nothing new

- camzino lyrics

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