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candi staton – his hands lyrics


there were a lot a things, in his touch
sometimes the slightest whisper
oh it could hurt so much
i could feel him coming near me
his little noises and such
then my man,
would lay his hands,
on me
oh… yes he would
o he might touch me in a way
that a man should
bring me to p-ssions
mmm that only he could
and so summer that we meet
whenever when ever he would
then my man,
would lay his hands,
on me
o the kindness and protection
mmm the tenderness and the care
when he was happy ew goodness me
but when he was scare
oh oh when he was scared
those hands took on a life, a life undead
they where viscious and they where small
but they were big enough
to keep this womans back
i ask the lord oh ah
oh lord i didn

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