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caravan – nightmare lyrics


sat down, turn around boy, gotta let out of here
silly little sod, you made me shed a tear
showing me minor roads of varying cold
making the world so young and me so old

time dime, time dime, doing what i could in the day
lazy little swine, i’m sure i heard you say
“sure i took a trip or two inside my head”
was there in the road he showed me, stone cold dead

yours was a face i remember very well
see, touch and feel, even smell
imagine how i felt when the face i saw was me
crisics end down the line, set me free

when the time is over – oh, oh, oh
and you’re feeling somewhat colder – oh, oh, oh
and your face is on the run
and your body’s almost done
well, you won’t have to notice anymore

come inside and tell me – oh, oh, oh
what you’re tryin’ to sell me – oh, oh, oh
did it ever cross your mind?
did you ever read the sign?
well, you won’t have to notice anymore

hear me a-callin’, i’ve got a dream in my hand
i close my eyes and realise, now i understand
if you’ve got a problem – christ, you’ve got to unload
the price you pay is that you may explode

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