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chetta – patient picasso lyrics

dropping em chopping em
aint no real stopping em
rather keep popping im full
plotting on me like i aint gotta clue
smoke out my nose think im benny the bull
f-ck on your b-tch keep guessing on who
ride thru the stress ima jex and be bool
spent about 10k last year on the goop
just living my life
dont know what to do
with all of these problems
but i dont need to solve em
rather keep mix and dissolving off in new orleans
where k!llas got kids
that grow up and be like they fathers
i mean regardless
just tell me whats left
and ill be there first to applaud it
pull up and park it
like all of these keys
but push b-ttom get it started
i mean regardless
i need that wraith like spitta
i need that weight like richard
im tryna cop a villa
im tryna be the villain
im tryna see the millions
lately dont need these feelings
aslong as theres something left
aslong as the feelings felt
keep making me feel myself
i need at least two myself
been thinking like f-ck my health
dont need anybody help
a waste of life

- chetta lyrics

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