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chief keef – love sosa intro lyrics

f-ckers in school telling me, always in the barber shop chief keef ain’t bout this, chief keef ain’t bout that my boy a bd on f-cking lamron and them he, he they say that n-gg- don’t be putting in no work shut the f-ck up! y’all n-gg-s ain’t know sh-t all ya motherf-ckers talk about chief keef ain’t no hitta chief keef ain’t this chief keef a fake shut the f-ck up y’all don’t live with that n-gg- y’all know that n-gg- got caught with a ratchet shootin’ at the police and sh-t n-gg- been on probation since f-ckin, i don’t know when! motherf-ckers stop f-ckin’ playin’ him like that them n-gg-s savages out there if i catch another motherf-cker talking sweet about chief keef i’m f-cking beating they -ss! i’m not f-cking playing no more you know those n-gg-s roll with lil’ reese and them

- chief keef lyrics

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