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chris rea – no wheels blues lyrics


i’m standing by a streetlight
i’m hitching for a ride
got no car keys in my cold hands
with a burning fire inside
you ain’t nothing without four wheels
there’s no pride in walking home
got to get some money somehow
got no job, can’t get no loan
got no girl, i got no friends
busted pride in busted shoes
i got the no wheels blues

see that t bird on the corner
oh lord, don’t she look so fine
i got to find some money somehow
i got to make that t bird mine
i’m an ace without a license
i’m a champ without a car
only a gt badge can save me
and gasoline can heal my scars

without those car keys
she’ll never have me
i’m just some punk with worn out shoes
i got the no wheels blues

- chris rea lyrics

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