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christopher sean – blissfully we died lyrics

she’s dancing with the devil
running with the wind
she’s in love with christ
but she’s in love with sin
she’s a whirling dervish
riding a black wave
she kisses me so p-ssionately
and her love saves
it happened in a courtyard
at a little church in belgium town
a place that smelled like paradise
there were no city folk around
i removed her scarlet corset
she removed my frozen heart
and i felt within how it will end
felt within how it all starts
we did things that were holy
profound and depraved
she whispered, “kiss me like that again
because your love saves”
then we walked along the beach
both going separate ways
she was singing to the mother moon
i was praising the ancient of days
yes i knew it couldn’t last
though it lasts even now
she called me the ancient cowboy
i called her the sacred cow
then we turned and faced each other
one last time we prayed
lifting our hands to the heavens
we thanked the lord whose love saves
fell to the earth that kissed us back
blissfully we died

- christopher sean lyrics

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