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chuck – progression lyrics

back to get wrecked
all respect to those who break their necks to keep their souls’ in check
reflect on the world and keep no regrets
and an open chest
and i hope it gets
you to cope with stress
you know it lets
you go to rest
even with those who test
known to oppose the best
nah, down i still hold the west
yeah i’m brown i still flow no less
and they on my b-llsack
got cakes, cute little small stacks
asked if i had any rubbers and had me use all packs
did it to all tracks
of the weeknd, weakened knees in the hall, smacks
of cheeks heard from the street, all fall back
her back falls, so does her bra as the bra strap snaps and then the doll laughs
have it looking like king kong smashed
hit the wall crashed
through the hall, p-ssed
through her mom’s last
nerve, out the door she kicked my small -ss
with my clothes all trashed
went to the homie’s got hooked up with some bomb gr-ss
not from the lawn, sacks
of strong hash
if you blaze, blaze with me if not, to each is own, while i’m on dabs
it’s just a little joke to all, p-ss
all the talk, g-ssed
up, when i’m tall matched
up with you then it’s all bad
feels like a bomb blast
then i smoke one, in mysp-ce like tom’s -ss
eyes go down like comcast
on my loner sh-t, still a stoner b-tch, you should not ask
i’m on task
just let the don p-ss
have your girl sit on ‘stache
as the bongs p-ssed
strong gas
lyrically strong as
richy rich’s mom’s cash
or more like buffot when i buffet
on these mc’s, even though i’m not that buff ay
b, see me on any beat i’ll murder you, but hey
man all i do is rap facts
you’re only poppin’ on snapchat
and that’s that
homie i’m sick, i step in the booth in a hazmat
rap outta my backpack
stack raps
with a fat sack
until the ceiling, and your -ss in half, cracks
but the sky i’m past that
like the lighter, higher somewhere where auriga had sat
uh, wicked att-tude like oshae j
easy how i ren up in this yella girl, h-lla screaming h-ll yeah like it’s dre day
but hey hey
everyday could be a paiy day
only if you let it may if may say
day to day
it’s all about the vibrations
putting hard work in, peep the people from my nation
my mind’s patient
even sometimes when i’m anxious
and feel like i can’t take this
i look back and revise my graces
realize my greatness
when i rest in paradise, remain the greatest
even when my memories faded
they can’t disrespect the name, it’s
lame and shameful to put me down like the pavement
respect in your tone as you say it
not only will i make it
i’ll take it even more forward for fortune when i pay it
better b-mp this sh-t when you play it
make the lames really hate it
know what i’m saying?
oh lord
i’m tryna visit close stars
you know, go far
until i have no heart
for hope, cold, hard
becomes my whole bod
get put in hole and i get sent to see if there is or no god
sing the blues cause kids be rockin’ now get down for they dough but
mucho trabajo, poquito dinero
soon i’ll be counting pesos with my peeps in mexico
but for now i’m in la bamba pushing lyrics with the soul
heavy how i come on these beats, f-ck it, every month with the flow
period. red spots on mc’s, they hope it never shows
and like these chicks with my d-ck, they just can’t let it go
having her screaming the letter o
she was looking to giving me a billy joel
no really though, what you didn’t know
is that i get it, i spit and get to hit it slow
what? you really that thought i was kidding? no
she slid in my dm’s, i slid my hands in her denims, oh
-ss so fat looks like she don’t fit in them though
i’ll still get in them, so
much thighs i almost got lost in the middle bro
woah man
not only do i shine but i glow fam
positivity and love that channels through, get with the program
if you didn’t know man
well now you know, scram
go live your life to the fullest, that’s been the whole plan
since tides have known sand
oh man
outfit dark as coal man
squad firing up j’s like cole, man
or two cool l’s to the face, blown, swam
through the stars in sp-ce, was shown man’s
downfall, it’s all in our own plans
rather than staying in your zone, stand
alone, hands
get thrown and
in the end, no one gets grown. d-mn

- chuck lyrics

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