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clarence the kid – you’re so gr8 lyrics

[intro: clarence the kid & kyana smith]
so uh, to be honest, you know… i’m kinda feeling you, you know what i’m saying?
boy, stopppp -giggles-
nah, i’m being for real, like honestly

[verse 1: clarence the kid]
girl i’m in love with you, don’t you never ever doubt that
in the bed girl i just wanna snug with you with your hand stroking my 6 pack
lemme take you on adventures, baby we can go exploring
to the beach to the game in a jeep on a plane, i know you feel a way, don’t ignore it
i don’t wanna play no games, girl i’m just saying that i know that you like me
and i feel you too, girl we come from the bay where everything h-lla hyphy
when i see you in them jeans with your hair let down girl you know it excites me
and even with the sweats and the bun i can’t front girl you look just as enticing
can i be real for a second, girl i know you see the distance, yeah we both see it coming
it got you tearing up quick like an open eyelid over a cut onion
just the thought of being separated aggravated your complacent view of how our dedication
to each other was gonna suffer because another woman might swoop in and take a brother from ya sweet and tender lovin nope

[hook: warren hastings]
baby girl you’re so great
you’re one of a kind
you’re one of a kind
baby girl you’re so great
you’re one of a kind
we’ve got nothing to lose
baby girl you’re so great
i’m really feeling you
oh baby, no no no
baby girl you’re so great
i want you to be my everything

[interlude: clarence the kid & kyana smith]
i don’t know it’s just … things are different
different? what do you…?
i don’t know if i feel the connection
i don’t… i thought we were good, like i thought things were working fine
i just… i don’t know…

[verse 2: clarence the kid]
as of late, we’ve been going through the ringer
but you still got that two heart ring upon your finger
which tells me that you’re in it for the long haul
it’s been days since the last call, look
it’s been a long time you and me have been together
it was sunny at first now there’s so much stormy weather
d-mn, you had a brother feeling lighter than a feather
now my heart is getting heavy and the gravity won’t let up
but keep your head up, maybe things will get better
and we can be like we were, 2015 in december
i remember sitting on that bench you had that college sweater
uh, i should’ve known when i saw that college sweater that
the road ahead would b-mpy and rough
plus the distance in between us would be making it tough
thinking back, girl those times was the happiest stuff
nowadays i think i’ve had enough, but you’re still great

[hook: warren hastings]
babygirl you’re so great
i don’t wanna fight
i don’t wanna fight
babygirl you’re so great
i don’t wanna fight
we’ve got so much to lose
babygirl you’re so great
i can’t keep losing you
oh baby, no, no, no
babygirl you’re so great
but what i really need
is what’s best for me

[interlude: clarence the kid & kyana smith]
yeah i… i feel like this isn’t really working out
honestly, i think you need to figure out who you are first, and we can talk about this later
yeah, okay… i guess that would be best…

[verse 3: clarence the kid]
no, this ain’t a break up song
but i don’t think it’s a make up song
i still can’t tell how this has all gone wrong
when we’ve been loving each other for such a long
time, to tell the truth i’ve been crying
i’ve got so many pieces of myself that been dying
i strapped myself into this rollercoaster ride
saw our future from the top of the hill as we were climbing
(but now we’re falling down the other side)
the coaster should have come with a sign
that said heart must be this tough to ride
but i never got the message
and babygirl i don’t really know what’s bout to happen
we might crash, we might be okay
it doesn’t matter, at the end of the day
girl you’ve been great

- clarence the kid lyrics

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