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clutch – animal farm lyrics

listen up you stinking maggots
it seems you just don’t get it
well i’ve been appointed to inform you
your days are numbered

you would cry, you would scream
if you knew half the things i see
please, please just do as i say
repent and leave your evil ways

meanwhile, planes drop from the sky
people disappear and bullets fly
little grey men are coming our way
tastes just like chicken, they say

actually they’re all around
secret bunkers underground
round ’em up, skin ’em alive
rolling, rolling, rolling, rawhide

carter is a clone
dozen brothers ’round the globe
mj-12 d-mned us to h-ll
scroll & key, skull & bone

it’s only just begun
the best is yet to come
area 51
the sp-wn of babylon

couldn’t give a d-mn about jfk
everything’s conspiracy
wouldn’t be surprised if they have their way
tastes just like chicken, they say

i know it’s hard to swallow
it must sound too far fetched
but you can bet your bottom dollar
i ain’t going with the rest

- clutch lyrics

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