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clutch – i send pictures lyrics

i send pictures through the mail
of buried treasures and humpback whales
to famous people i do not know
i sign “sincerely, matthias doe”
i await their response
some send none, some send cops
there was one, a senator
from the island of corsica
she sent one from a sh-ll
she blew right through it and ordered a spell
i, n, t, h, e, b, e, g, i, n, n, i, n, g, t, h, e, r, e, i, s
but after i, i heard it all
i knew she was a false prophet
(as was foretold)
she’s not the angel that i know
she’s not the woman for whom i am born

two roman pictures guard the doors
of these celebrities i adore
i give them misinformation
9 times of 10 it leads to persuasion
wolves do not howl at the moon
but at the fluffed-up poodles
i walked in like a king
instead of pictures, i take their things
i walked out to that?
arranging their things in the shape of songs

- clutch lyrics

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