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clutch – mad sidewinder (bonus track) lyrics

commiserating? children, they got the real street knowledge
liberated by losing it all, dropped out from the hidden college
asked a mr. mitten at the coastal linen ain’t exactly what he used to be

facilitating, exciting, and violence: that’s my specialty

mad sidewinder, dialing in on you
coming in hot, you got to move

goal setting, overachieving, are not among my top priorities
a better lesson, keep ’em guessing, and celebrate diversity
manipulators are allergic to soul, how i love to frustrate them
what better time than here and now, re-evaluate the situation

alright, i’m gonna sn-tch it back
sn-tch it back and hold it
sn-tch it back and strike

seismic event, grab a hold of something explosive/exclusive

- clutch lyrics

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