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clutch – raised by horses lyrics

i was eating dinner at the table
with people from the music industry
they asked me if i liked it in, “the city”
i said, i liked it better in the country

the label representative asked me
what about it most appealed to me
“i love to listen to the yellowhammer singing
‘a little bit of bread and no cheese'”

then i commenced to do a tap dance
on eggplant parmesan before their eyes
guided by voices, whole bag of tricks
raised by druids and horses

(then i told them)
“never underestimate the power of love
you dig my new horseshoes?
never underestimate the power of love”

“come here quickly he’s lost his mind”

“frightened? well i’m not surprised
you’ve never seen the likes of me
check it, i want a big fat advance
and my alfalfa free”

“come here quickly he’s lost his mind”

the manager removed from the restaurant
a crowd got to gathering around
i said, “you can throw a man out on his ear
but you can’t keep a good horse down”

mounted police sprung to action
never cut me any bit of slack
but i wasn’t going anywhere
’til they got off my brother’s back

- clutch lyrics

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