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clutch – unto the breach lyrics

the problem of a time lord
is there’s never any time
too much of eternity
and never to unwind
hobgoblins and morris men
fighting in the streets
(ha continual?) breakdown
give them lighting

(waiting on the corner
for the swiss guard to arrive
to arrive
and when they do we’ll battle then and rattle them
hammer versus mind
versus mind
once more unto the breach)

like a gutenberg bible
we’re the m-m-m-m-movable type
very transient
very influential
like the large hadron collider
the m-m-m-more you see the less you understand
the atmosphere’s getting volatile


(guitar solo)

the d-d-dalek goes cross
black shirt master
hit em where it hurts (fallout)
safety for the blaster
leg doctors and subhumans
can you feel the heat
the atmosphere’s getting hectic
the atmosphere’s getting volatile



- clutch lyrics

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